Is High Quality Video Necessary?

February 25, 2021

A common question I hear is, “Why should I spend all this money on a video when I could just go on Fiverr and hire someone in the Philippines to do it for $500?” 

My answer usually sounds something like: “Sure, you can do whatever you’d please. If that makes sense for your video marketing strategy, I’m all for it. But I’m curious, please tell me a little bit about that strategy so I can recommend what I think is best for you?” 

99% of the time, I hear crickets after asking that question. 

Low quality, cheap video production DOES have its time and place (breaking that down a little later in this article). But unless you fall into this category, it’s not going to be a good look if you’re serious about being in business long-term. 

Are you a premium product/service provider?

Not too many folks go into business with the mindset of providing the worst service possible, for the cheapest price (low profits). Personally, I want to serve my clients in the best way possible, and provide the best service I possibly can. To do that, every touchpoint with a customer throughout their experience engaging in my business needs to be of quality. 

Let’s say you go out to dinner. The food’s okay, but that’s about it. The servers were rude, the restaurant was dirty, and it lacked a nice ambience. You even took a peek into the kitchen, which appeared to be a mess. Now, this is the best-case scenario, because the food was actually decent. It was also pretty cheap. In most cases, the food would have been awful, so they got lucky. You still probably won’t go back.

Like our make-believe restaurant (but I’m sure you’ve experienced one before), low quality at any touchpoint in your business hurts credibility with customers. It makes them feel like you don’t care about them or have low quality products or services. It gives them the sense that you’re “cheap” and don’t care to invest in their success. Even worse, a low quality video probably isn’t going to properly communicate your core values or services. It’s going to lack any strategy behind it. If you’re a premium provider, you need premium video content. 

When does cheap video make sense? 

If you are aiming to grow a cheap brand that doesn’t last, or generate the profits it has the potential to, cheap video is going to be great for you. It’s going to keep your costs low since you don’t have ambitions to generate high profits. You’ll be able to get 10x the video content, but at the cost of quality. Since your profit margins are low, chances are you’ll need to sell a lot of your product or service, which will require more content. If this is you, cheap content makes sense. 

But I have a strong feeling that’s not you. 

The value in High Quality Video

To keep things simple for now, here’s a list of attributes a high quality video is going to have, that a low quality video is not. 

In many cases, video content is the first touchpoint potential clients/customers have with your business. They’ve Googled your service, landed on your website, and watched the first video they see to decide whether or not they want to continue looking into you. What’s the value in having that lead call you then and there for a consultation, because they were so impressed with your video? 

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