How We Gave Comcast Nationwide Coverage With Compelling Video

February 25, 2021

On Saturday, May 4, as part of the 18th annual Comcast Cares Day, nearly 1,000 Northern California Comcast NBCUniversal employees and their families, friends and community partners worked alongside Paradise High School students, teachers and administrators to clean, paint, plant trees, landscape and beautify the campus ahead of June’s graduation ceremony, which will be the first since the devastating Camp Fire in Fall of 2018 (Comcast). 

Naturally, an event of this importance required lots of media coverage so that people from around the nation could enjoy it. 

Chico Media Group was hired to shoot alongside NBC Universal to capture compelling “B-roll” footage to be used by news outlets across the county. 

Our goal was to not only capture the event on video, but to film it in a way that truly made viewers feel as if they were there. We took extra measures to plan out shots that would put a smile on people’s faces, as they watched community members working to rebuild Paradise High School. 

We arrived on scene hours before the event began, to plan out where each camera would be placed, and define our “must have” shots. We interviewed Comcast representatives to get a feel for what would be the most important moments of the event. From there, we created a shot list for the day and ran through our final technical check, to ensure all the video gear was ready to rock. 

Fiona Hutton & Associates, Comcast’s PR firm for this event, was blown away by the B-roll footage we captured. They had news outlets all over the country applauding the thoroughness and quality of it, and the way it made them feel. 

“The footage was so compelling, and it was so moving, and it was so unique, and it really told the story.” - Shannon Flaherty, Fiona Hutton & Associates. 

If this isn’t a prime example of why high quality video matters, I’m not sure what is. Had our footage not been compelling, thousands of Americans would not have been able to appreciate this event to its fullest. 

We felt a rollercoaster of emotions that day, and left with a sense of appreciation for our craft. We were able to give the gift of video. 

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Comcast, Nearly 1,000 Comcast Volunteers Help Paradise High School Prepare For First Graduation Since The Devastating Camp Fire, 2019.

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