10 Ways To Use Video To Skyrocket Your Business in 2021

February 25, 2021

85% of marketers say that video is an effective way to get attention online (Animoto, 2019). I’d argue that in 2021, businesses who don’t implement a video strategy will leave significant profits on the table, or worse, be left behind. 

Today, I want to break down 10 ways any business can use video to hit, or exceed, their goals for 2021. 

#1 - Create A Brand Story Video 

This is usually where I recommend any business to start when it comes to video marketing. To create a short, usually somewhere between 1-3 minute video that clearly communicates Who you are, What you do and What value you provide, Why you do it, How you do it, and How someone should contact you. An effective brand story video will separate your business from the crowd, and quickly create an emotional connection to your brand. A brand story video lives on the Home Page, and/or About Page of your website, along with any other social platforms you’d like to distribute it on. 

#2 - Repurpose Your Brand Story Video for Website Use 

After you’ve created your brand story video, I’d highly recommend using bits and pieces of it throughout your website to grab attention, increase the perceived value and quality of your brand, and further educate your Ideal Customer. First, chop up 15 seconds of the best video footage from your brand video and use it as a video background on your website landing page. This will instantly draw in attention when someone lands on your website. Next, figure out how you can create dedicated videos for each page of your website (i.e. “services”) using the footage from your brand video. This will usually require working with an editor to chop up these multiple versions. 

#3 - Capture And Share Video Testimonials 

After you’ve created your Brand Story Video, there’s no piece of video marketing that will sell your product or service more than authentic video testimonials from real clients/customers. Word of mouth still reigns King for most businesses best form of marketing, and video testimonials are basically that. Contact as many satisfied customers as possible, and do whatever you can to have them agree to speaking on camera for 1-2 minutes about their experience with you. Add those videos to your website and marketing material, and you’ll see huge increases in conversions from customers that might be on the edge of doing business with you. 

#4 - Create Virtual Hiring / Recruitment Videos

Why say the same thing over and over again to potential hires via Zoom (or equivalent), when you could record your message once and free up your time? In 2021, virtual meetings are unavoidable and have become the new “norm”. Having the ability to email around one Link, to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people is extremely powerful. These types of videos can end up saving your business heaps of money, for time saved in hours of repetitive meetings your employees must have with new hires. 

#5 - Training Videos 

Once you’ve onboarded new employees and team members, training is going to be one of your first expenses. Again, why repeat the same information over and over, when you could record it once, and give your employees the flexibility to go through the material at their own pace? This will also end up saving you a lot of money. 

#6 - Social Media Videos

There are TONS of social media platforms available today, but here are the ones I’d recommend focusing on. It’s extremely important to cater content to each individual platform, as one size does not fit all. Each platform has specific styles of content that will work best. 

#7 - Welcome Videos 

These videos are powerful in creating a connection with current and new customers. For creating brand advocacy / loyalty. When someone opt’s-into your Newsletter, for example, you could trigger an email with a video attached thanking them for joining, and letting them know of all the resources you have to offer. 

#8 - Tutorials / Educational Videos 

When delivering a product or service, attaching step-by-step video instructions positions your brand as high-quality. NOT many people are doing this, which means you’re going to stand out that much more. You’re letting your customer know that you truly care about them, and are going to personally invest to give them the best experience with your business as possible. This also ties back into creating YouTube videos, which will position you as an authority in your industry. 

#9 - Product Videos 

This mainly applies to product-based businesses, but could be translated over to service-based as well. Create videos outlining features your product has, in short, bite-sized videos (30 seconds - 1 minute). Nobody wants to read through a long list of features or benefits. But everyone will play an engaging 30 second video to learn about a product they might be interested in purchasing. 

#10 - Case Study Videos 

Case Study Videos are the ultimate extension of Testimonial videos. Say you capture an incredible testimonial, but want to go even deeper. There might have been a couple key selling points your satisfied customer left out, that would make the testimonial even stronger. You could shoot some compelling footage, add more text or a voice-over, then tie it all together with the original testimonial video. Including this on your website, newsletter, or posting it to social media is going to be invaluable. 

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